Elite Auctions are dedicated to providing you with high quality, performance and calibre auctioneers who bring not just professionalism, but a sense of flair, style and entertainment to each and every auction.

In an industry often criticised for being 'out of touch' with your everyday buyer and seller, Elite Auctions brings back the human element - connecting with our clients at a personal level and tailoring our Auction campaigns and strategies to their needs and desires.

At Elite Auctions, we believe that 'quality is key'; and that having professional quality auctioneers which are not only passionate about what they do, but have excellent knowledge of your neighbourhood - are essential to the auction process.

Being able to describe in rich detail the benefits of each property and its surrounds, and having a keen understanding of what makes every house unique is a fundamental benefits often overlooked - through not at Elite Auctions.


Blake Garvey

Mentor / Trainer

Paul Leach